Iolite  Silver Ring

Iolite Silver Ring

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What kind of energy does Iolite have?

Iolite has a cool, calm energy that helps us to settle easily into meditation, channeling, intuitive reading, shamanic work and other visionary spiritual practices. It opens the Third Eye and strengthens our ability to communicate with other dimensions and realms.

Iolite has been used by shamans to enhance their ability to have clear visions. Some legends even say iolite strengthens eyesight. Other metaphysical beliefs hold that iolite promotes pure thoughts, intuition and self-acceptance. Iolite is associated with the zodiac signs Libra, Sagittarius and Taurus.


The ring is set in Sterling Silver.

Measurement : 20.8mm (L) x  14.8mm(W) x  4.6mm (H) With Setting (+/-)

Weight: 2.8g


Our gemstones are of natural and that have been mined. They are not treated by Laboratory to enhance the color to be unity. As being a natural stones, some variations may be apparent in terms of consistency of colors, inclusions and hairline internal cracks which are considered as part of their characteristic which cannot be considered as defects. Also, the colors might be a little different from the actual product due to lighting of photography and display of different monitors.

We try to provide best description of each individual products descriptions with their measurement/dimension details. However, please allow some tolerance level.